Food App

Fu Hao Mobile App

My Role: UX/UI Designer



Design an easy way for customers to order Chinese food online via a mobile device for the popular local Chinese chain, Fu Hao.


My work colleagues and I love Chinese food. We love Fu Hao. We eat there at least 2-3 times a week. Sometimes I pick up dinner from Fu Hao on my way home from work. Other times I drive there to get food for the family.

The Problem

There is no easy way to place an order online so my food is ready for collection. Every time I pick up from Fu Hao, I have two options, one: queue up and place my order (15-20min wait), two: I can place an order via the telephone and have the order waiting for me to collect.

Key problems:

  • Orders via the telephone are time consuming.
  • Workers can place you on hold.
  • Sometimes there is a language barrier so there is risk of getting the order incorrect.
  • Mobile signal can drop during calls.
  • Calling from a car can be difficult, as ideally you need to stop to make the call.
  • There is no existing solution to place my order online.

The Solution

Create a simple mobile app solution for Fu Hao that allows customers to place orders via mobile devices. The solution must be easy to use, user friendly and have minimal steps.


As a user I should be able to:

  • Place an order.
  • View the menu.
  • Customise my order.
  • Set a time when I can place my order and select a location for collection.
  • Re-order previous items with ease.
  • Create an account to hold my details (General info / CC details / previous orders).
  • Pay using a number of methods (CC / Apple Pay / Paypal).



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Low-fidelity Prototype


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Prototype Hi-fidelity